A guide to inserting and cleaning earplugs correctly

Jan 19, 2023

A guide to inserting and cleaning earplugs correctly

Do you work in a noisy environment where earplugs must be worn regularly for hearing protection? The complete protective effect of your hearing protection will only be realised if you insert them correctly and thoroughly clean reusable earplugs

Correct use of earplugs

Before we get into how to use your hearing protection properly, you should decide whether disposable or reusable earplugs are best for you. Disposable earplugs can be worn comfortably for extended periods but must only be used once. On the other hand, reusable earplugs are easy to clean for reuse.

Whatever option you select, your hearing protection must be used correctly to provide the best defence.

Inserting disposable earplugs correctly

  • Roll the disposable earplugs between your fingers for a few seconds.
  • Reach your arm over your head and gently pull the ear up, ensuring the ear canal is straight.
  • Insert the earplugs and hold them in place for a few seconds. If you can’t see the earplugs from the front, they’re in the right place.
  • Disposable earplugs are discarded after each use.

Inserting and cleaning reusable earplugs correctly

  • Place the reusable earplugs on your ears and the cord behind your head.
  • Insert the earplugs into the ear canal with gentle pressure.

Particles can easily stick to the surface of your earplugs, especially in dusty and dirty working environments, and cause minor injuries in the ear canal if used again. It is therefore critical to clean reusable earplugs correctly.

We recommend you clean your earplugs with a moist cleaning cloth or water and mild soap. When not in use, keep your reusable earplugs in a storage box to keep them clean and undamaged until the next use.

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