Choosing the right glove for the job

Apr 28, 2022

When it comes to protective gloves in the workplace, a lot of people go with stick with what has been used for decades. But in this day and age, there are so many new specialised products to choose from. From the soft shell range of gloves to the aramid fibre gloves used for thermal protection.

When considering the right glove for the job, you need to choose what your requirements are and what glove ticks all the boxes. Ask yourself, do I need more feeling? Do I need a tighter fitting glove? Do we have sizes available for women in the workplace? Have we got the gloves with the longest breakthrough time for chemical use on the shelves? All of the above will not only help you in getting the proper glove, but it will also assist in your cost-saving initiatives.



Well, the answer is quite simple. A glove that fits properly will not snag up on any jobs. Gloves that have longer breakthrough times in chemical applications, will lower your consumption helping you with your cost-saving initiatives. These are a few examples of what our range is about and what we are about. We are passionate about safety in the workplace. Your safety!


Here are a few tips for all buyers.

  • Find a product that is slightly heavier on the scale, that means there is more substance in the product & it will last longer.
  • Try and find a product that is ambidextrous. In this way, you can swap your left hand to your right hand utilising the back of the gloves if they are fully coated or if the pattern is suitable.

Grange can offer you a number of sizes for each product. This will ensure a perfect fit every time. And with a perfect fit coupled with the right glove from our range of products, you will most certainly have longer-lasting more cost-effective products for your staff.


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