Nov 23, 2020

The majority of workplace incidents that occur in commercial and industrial environments, as well as on construction sites, are the result of slips and falls. To ensure that your workplace and its personnel are protected from these occurrences, Procon Marketing supplies specialised full body harnesses as well as related accessories.

Dependable & Affordable Full Body Harnesses

Procon Marketing takes the protection of personnel seriously, and as such, aim to supply various industries with safety solutions that provide peace of mind.

We provide these products in variations depending on the types of accessories that your facility needs to maintain safety during all of its operations.

Protecting your Personnel

Having the right PPE available to your personnel will benefit your facility in a number of ways. Enhanced production, fewer accidents and incidents, less risk of settlements being brought against you, and fewer losses caused by downtime are all components offered by our selection of full body harnesses.

The importance of keeping your personnel protected from hazards cannot be understated and is also an essential part of complying with regulations placed on your business.

We here at Procon Marketing are here to help your business ensure that it is both safe and compliant, with a range of specialised personal protective equipment designed to be used in even the most demanding settings.

Benefits of Using the Correct Full Body Harnesses

  • Avoid needless staff emergencies
  • Reduce downtime in your facility
  • Avoid the need for claims
  • Improve the health of your employees
  • Maintain favourable morale in your employees

Contact Procon Marketing: Keep Your Workforce Protected

If you would like to know more about our offers on harnesses and accessories that are designed to protect your workforce and benefit your facility, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Procon Marketing today. Alternatively, feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our range of specialised personal protective equipment.



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