ATG Hand Protection Gloves

Our range of ATG Hand Protection Glove range is guaranteed to enhance the performance of every single user. The simple, skin friendly, comfortable and highly durable glove design, all combine to be the difference and make the difference.

The difference in the Maxiflex glove can literally be felt in the improvements to the functionality of glove. The gloves are designed under dermatological accreditation. On top of this, the gloves have the new “cool” feel during use which helps with hand fatigue.

With the latest technology, the Maxidry / Maxichem / Maxiflex glove range will deliver the highest quality of product out there.

If your goal is to improve performance, reduce costs & have a gloves that you, the user really wants to wear, we have the answer.

Get your hands on, and in, the ATG Hand Protection Gloves today.

Feel the difference. Improve your performance.

Our Range Of MaxiFlex Hand Gloves

Whether you are a construction worker, auto technician or a part of a road crew, MaxiFlex Glove is the answer. You work day in and day out with your hands, and need your protection team to maintain your productivity, this is the glove!

Protect the most important tool that you have with the Maxiflex range of products.Your hands are required for you to keep doing your job & knowing how to protect them is important. In fact, performance and productivity depends on it.

Maxidry gloves are designed to be used for both industrial and commercial use, so that you can get the job done. Preserve your hands in comfortable and practically designed gloves.

Feel the technology at work when you slip on these high calibre gloves.

Maxiflex ATG for the best grip, The best dexterity, the best fit & the most comfort.

With state of the art design & clean fit offers both sensitivity and flexibility. All levels of tasks can be accomplished to the best of your ability while wearing these gloves.

With minimal penetration being the only thing to worry about, your duties will be accomplished efficiently.

Take your time and browse through our selection go effectively designed and manufactured gloves.

They will not disappoint you.

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