Disposable Wear

Grange Disposable wear offers users the opportunity to protect themselves from wet & heath hazardous enviroments. This includes exposure to substances that can cause damage to your work clothes. When it comes to Perto-chem industries, these garments are required by law.

Where this is the case, there is still levels of quality which affects the durability of the outfits. As such, the highest quality material is paramount.

There are a number of different Disposable PPE tha tcan be used such as gloves, shields, hair nets, overalls & foot protection. Out range of Disposable wear is tough and durable.. Our products have been tried & tested & withstands the harsh South African enviroment.

You will need long lasting protection during a work day and ourworkwear will ensure just that. Health and safety is of utmost importance therefore we have chosen our range carefully.

Dealing with substances such as chemicals, Spices or powders on a daily basis can lead to a multitude of issues. However, our products are guaranteed to help eliminate these dangers.

Grange’s Disposable wear range will protect your staff from these types of risk.

We are dedicated in providing top notch equipment that will ensure that safety is upheld.

Whatever the jobs at hand, high risk or low risk, we have the items for you.

Reduce the danger of cross-contaminantion in your working enviroment & get your PPE today

Our products are generally cheaper as we represent both source and supply enabling you to keep more stock at your store.

The Best Disposable Overall Suppliers

We take the title of being the best disposable overall suppliers very seriously. We are dedicated in providing the highest quality overalls which will protect you against harm. Our range consits of DuPont, UVEX, 3M, DROMEX & grange, our very own in-house brand.

Our mindset has always been to ensure that workers can do their job to the best of their ability. This is why we supply our range of overalls. They are not only durable and tough, but they are also  benefit in the comfort of wearing them.

You will have a good range of motion when using the items. This allows you to do your job safely, and in an efficient way.

The safer you are, the more productive you can be. SAFE = NO DOWN TIME.

We Are Disposable Hair Net Suppliers

Disposable hair nets / MOP CAPS are in our range of disposable wear. They are designed in order to protect users from loose hair in the workplace.

Our Mop Caps have both single & double elastics for those ladies with a Mop of hair.

At a more cost effective rate as well as high quality, you will be able to do your job to the best of your ability.

We Are Procon Marketing

Thank you for choosing Procon Marketing as your supplier of protective items.

Please feel free to contact us today for more information.

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