Foot wear

Many industrial processes are characterised by hazardous environments and equipment which pose a significant danger to workers in those areas.

Procon Marketing are safety boot suppliers who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of industrial workforces, while ensuring that the facilities they work in are compliant in this regard.

Years of experience outfitting multiple industries of varying capacities have allowed us to provide them with safety solutions that meet the needs and challenges of their environments, to ensure that safety and regulatory compliance are always upheld.

Protect Your Workforce with Procon Foot Wear

Sourced from leading manufacturers like Bronx, DOT and Rebel, our selection of safety boots and shoes prioritise both protection and comfort. Hard-working, long lasting, and ideal for protection against hazards, our selection of protective boots and shoes can be found in facilities all over the country.

We offer protective boots and shoes from the following brands:

  • BOVA
  • DOT
  • FRAM

We offer these in a range of different types, colours and sizes, browse out catalogue for details.

Managing Compliance

Ensure that your business meets the safety standards set out for it with protective footwear that ensures improved safety of your facility. Keep your workforce and your operations protected with PPE from Procon Marketing, premium safety boot suppliers.

Protective Boots

Perfect for protection against impact, compression and puncturing among others, the integrity of the safety boots supplied by us protect feet against a range of injuries, particularly those sustained from mechanical accidents.

Protective Shoes

We supply safety shoes that protect from a range of industrial and environmental hazards ranging from puncture and impact to compression.

Contact Safety Boot Suppliers you can Rely On

If you would like to know more about our offers on PPE equipment, get into contact with one of our protective boots suppliers at Procon Marketing today, or continue browsing our website for further details on our offers.