Freezer wear

Procon Marketing has positioned itself as a leading provider of protective freezer wear as a specialised part of our range of PPE. We provide cold-protection solutions that improve safety in a variety of types of facilities, that are cost effective, long-lasting, and impactful.

With over 30 years of experience in supplying PPE to industries across South Africa, we are the ideal partner for ensuring personnel safety and facility compliance for your business.

Quality Protective Freezer Wear for Enhanced Safety

We understand the safety needs of our clients, and work with them to provide solutions that meet the challenges of their working environments. Our protective freezer suits are designed with these challenges in mind and are produced to the highest standards of quality.

Available in a all size-variants and at affordable costs, whether you’re looking for full 1-piece suits or individual items, we stock and supply what you need to keep cold facilities safe and compliant.

Protecting your Personnel

Having the right PPE available to your personnel will benefit your facility in a number of ways. Enhanced production, fewer accidents and incidents, less risk of settlements, and fewer losses caused by downtime are all components offered by our selection of protective freezer wear.

The importance of keeping your personnel protected from hazards cannot be understated and is also an essential part of complying with regulations placed on your business.

Benefits of Using the Correct Protective Freezer Wear

Improve the comfort and therefore the performance of your workforce.

  • Avoid needless staff emergencies
  • Reduce downtime in your facility
  • Avoid the need for claims
  • Improve the health of your employees
  • Maintain favourable morale in your employees

Contact Procon Marketing for Details

If you would like to know more about our offers on protective freezer wear or our other PPE solutions, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Procon Marketing today. Alternatively, for further details on our products, feel free to keep browsing our website.

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