Leather Gloves

With roughly 70% of all hand injuries in the manufacture sector due to workers not wearing gloves, the time to invest in high quality leather gloves is now. The product is designed in order to ensure that hands are protected, with full adequacy, damage limitation and precise application.

The leather gloves ensure that workers are protected against sparks, sharp and rough objects, heat and of course, injuries due to heavy duty equipment.

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We offer a wide range of gloves, namely leather elbow length protective gloves which ensure that the entire hand to forearm is protected. Leather is a natural material of which we designed product that will guarantees that workers who use our gloves will feel the benefits straight away.

This includes an improvement in comfort, durability, protection from abrasion and mild heat resistance. Moreover, the dexterity allows workers to do their tasks in a way which does not remove their mobility and efficiency.

The favoured choice of industrial workers, leather gloves provide features and benefits. Where workers are required to work with several different tools and in different applications, they need gloves which ensure safety and feel.

Occupational hazards can be averted and limited when the correct protective equipment is used. Safety is never something you will waste time trying to improve. Don’t hesitate because something dangerous hasn’t happened. Always be ahead of the potential risk and find a glove that suits your application.

Leather gloves are the choice gloves when it comes to Heat, Foundry work & general handling. There is NO substitute !! Be sure to find the gloves you need. Browse our other pages.

Sparks, cuts and Heat applications are the main causes of injury, our leather gloves are available to any and all industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Choosing the right type of leather protective gloves is difficult and is also a personal choice in the end, That’s why we did all of the hard work for you by listing our range of grange gloves.

Our selection of products are all high quality and have been tried and tested.

We guarantee that all forms of heat, and puncture tests have been done to ensure that our leather gloves are of the highest standard on the market today.

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