PVC Gloves

PVC gloves are made through the use of a Pollyvinyl Chloride which coats the exterior of gloves. This design has lead to the most cost effective glove in the industry. If you require gloves which need to protect against chemical, cut, puncture or abrasion, our PVC gloves will be your MOST COST EFFECTIVE route to go.

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The use of chemicals is a dangerous act as the application can cause severe damage if accidents occur. Contact to the skin is risky and therefore gloves which can combat this is required. Moreover, punctures, cuts and abrasions can lead to a worker needing medical attention.

With a variety of different types of jobs, there is a higher number of potential hazards. Therefore, the use of PVC gloves in the workplace will limit and eliminate certain risks.

There are a number of different industries which require PVC Heavy Weight gloves. This includes for applications in the Brickyards, farm, agriculture, construction and commercial fisherman sectors. All applications differ.

These gloves will help to protect against wet conditions, puncture wounds and abrasions. On top of this, PVC gloves can come with different internal technologies ranging from the liners used, to the mixture of the PVC.

The difference can range from being foam lined, Jersey Lined or a simple twirl, to being single dipped or double dipped for a longer, more robust lifespan. Moreover, certain products can be manufactured with extra padding or length for alternative elements.

The design has also ensured that the gloves are flexible. Workers require the right dexterity in order to perform their tasks effectively. Likewise, the ability to have high level movement ensures that workers can perform at the highest level possible with reliable gloves to protect them.

With improved chemistry, our gloves can be used in conditions which are far more harsh.

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