PVC is still the best choice

Mar 1, 2015

In the last few years, there have been a lot of new glove designs available. The latest and greatest designs are the seamless gloves that have been dipped in Nitrile, Polyurethane. These gloves offer dexterity, different sizing and comfort. There have been times where cut resistance is needed, and this is when Kevlar and Dyneema liners are used and dipped in these substances giving an EN388 cut level 4 or 5. However, the use of these gloves for the masses are uneconomic as mines, manufacturers and fabricators look at what it costs to kit-out each person and generally they have to keep their costs as low as possible.

And at an average price of R55.00, this adds a huge amount to consumables and therefore to the running costs of these organisations and in turn to their end product.

PVC gloves in the workplace

PVC gloves as we know them are one of the oldest designs and still the most cost effective at a retail price from around R12.00 for an open cuff glove. It makes a lot of sense to buy these gloves as most companies now are looking for cost savings and more economical products to use for their everyday consumables.

In the range available, you will definitely find a glove suitable for your application. The benefits are:

  • These gloves are locally manufactured which gives the supplier the benefit of gaining more ground than the importers and so benefitting from more contracts.
  • The delays are also substantially lower as importation delays are no longer a factor with these gloves.


  • Locally manufactured / BBBEEE Level 2.
  • No Import delays.
  • SABS accredited manufacturer.


The full range of gloves are available from Procon Marketing, Safeco and Consafe at factory pricing.

Contact Mike Macgregor for more information Cell 082 903 6737

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