The benefits and uses of PVC protective gloves

Jan 19, 2023

PVC protective gloves are latex-free and suitable for anyone wearing protective gloves who may be allergic to latex. They are a good fit for most people and provide more agility so hands can move freely, allowing most tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently. 

When to use PVC protective gloves and when to look for alternatives

There are several advantages to using PVC protective gloves instead of other types of protective gloves. PVC protective gloves are made in a way that they allow for stretch and versatility while also being resistant to punctures, stretching, and general wear and tear. 

Tasks that benefit from the use of PVC protective gloves

PVC protective gloves have a wide range of applications, and many industries can benefit from their use for hand protection and product contamination reduction. These gloves can be useful for medical tasks, food handling, chemical and oil industries, and painting tasks. They are effective against oily substances, acids, emulsions, and other liquids. In addition, they are useful when working with wires and cords due to their antistatic properties. Static electricity can be generated when removing sheaths from cables with tools, and these PVC protective gloves help prevent chafing.

Alternatives for allergy sufferers

PVC is one of the most widely used and available plastics in the production of protective gloves. Because of PVC’s durability and protective properties, it can be used to make gloves as an alternative to natural rubber and to replace latex as an allergen-free alternative. Another advantage of PVC is its low cost, which, when combined with its biological and chemical resistance, makes PVC protective gloves the most versatile protective glove across industries. 

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